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Love's Rhythm (2012)

Love's Rhythm (2012)

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1609287029 (ISBN13: 9781609287023)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

About book Love's Rhythm (2012)

Nick Blackthorne is the world's most famous rock star. Before that, he was the love of Lauren Robbin's life. When Nick is invited to a wedding and the invitation indicates a "plus one", the only person he can imagine taking is Lauren, who he hasn't seen or talked to in over 15 years.Lauren has built a nice, quiet life for herself and her son Josh, back in the small town in Australia where she (and Nick) grew up. When Nick shows up, Lauren's well planned life is turned upside down. Nick chose his music over her, and she's not inclined to let him do it again. However, her body says otherwise. And here is where the story started to annoy me. It seemed like Lauren's nipples were hardening or pebbling on almost every other page, the sex was repetitious and she kept forgetting she hated him while they got almost-naked. The story did get better towards the end of the book as misunderstandings and poor communication issues get resolved. This did not work for me for two main reasons:1. Nick leaves Lauren 15 years ago for rock-n-roll and groupies. Now he shows up on her doorstep and she can't stop making out with him...even though she's still mad at him. 2. The author uses the word "cream" too much for my liking. And my liking is zero.Then there is the underlying theme where she has Nick's baby and doesn't let him know as a way to get her revenge on him. And even when he shows up she still doesn't tell him he has a kid. Just a little too selfish for my taste buds.

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Very sweet read, a little short and leaves you wanting more. But don't all good books.

underdeveloped characters , sex scenes with some sentences not much plot, HEA

Le falta historia.. Todo se soluciona en dos hojas casi casi

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