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Loving Drake (2000)

Loving Drake (2000)
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Loving Drake (2000)
Loving Drake (2000)

About book: Although I LOVE Pamela Ann books I can't help but feel cheated with this "Novella" OK I get that novellas are short stories but I felt it wasn't even short it wasn't even a story. It was like a chapter! I felt like I was hit over the head and robbed! I am still wondering a day later what happened. I know I bought the book but was it even a book? I need should have been free! I still love you Pamela Ann but I was really disappointed in this one! I gave it a 4 because I did love it but I just don't think it was really a book/novella! Chapter of a book maybe! Waiting for the next one!! Yum!! I absolutely LOVED this. Great little continuation of Drake and Lily's story. These two characters are so HOT together. I have to say that Pamela really knows how to write a love/sex scene...very well! Drake just knows exactly what to do!! LOL. Looking forward to the next. I highly recommend this series. It's a great story. I will definitely will be moving on to all of Pamela's other books.
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Drake and Lily, so happy to see more of them. Can't wait for Loving Lily.
Ready for book #2
Loved it!
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