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Loving Lucas (2009)

Loving Lucas (2009)

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1935192442 (ISBN13: 9781935192442)
Dreamspinner Press

About book Loving Lucas (2009)

This story was tragic and once. I don't really like this kind of stories, they are to dramatic. And by listening to audio version this time, all those emotions from Lucas, Riley and Nick, developed a bomb of emotions. I had to pity Riley for being so obsessed with Lucas, that this psychotic phase has to be hard, to not see being able to feel or do nothing else then this ill obsession with some guy who showed you kindness. Another reviewer labeled the main characters in this story as flat and I would agree with that.We really don't learn anything about them beyond the their main character traits - 1) Lucas has a deep-seeded fear based on a horrible attack he suffered and a asshole bf who didn't stick with him as he healed, therefore making him fearful of being hurt 2) Nick loves Lucas.I would have loved to have known more about them.The overall story was enjoyable and it kept my attention, but I really wanted a better connection to the characters.

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Horrible. predicting. i got to the 4th chapter and couldn't force myself to read anymore :(

3,5 stars

3.5 stars


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