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Lovkyně Informací (2011)

Lovkyně informací (2011)

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About book Lovkyně Informací (2011)

At times interesting, at times slow, and at times a little repetitive. One things that could have been fleshed out more was "Emily". She was the whole reason for the mission, and yet she barely featured in the story. She could be another story on her own. Perhaps this is the author's intention - to turn her into another novel. Also, there was no more on "Christopher".If you're going to introduce characters, make them integral to your introduction, and provide a back story, then you need to also include character resolution and closure.I liked the idea of an intelligent, tough and smart female protagonist, but Vanessa "Michael's" demons, sometimes portrayed her otherwise, and detracted somewhat from the flow of the story rather than enhance it.Having said all that, I did like it, but I would not say it is one of favorites - although I would like to see another Vanessa Michael Munroe novel. She is interesting and has a lot of potential. I enjoyed this book at moments, disliked it at others. Vanessa is in the business of information however, not much about her is out there. She takes a job she doesn't really want to do and gets sucked into a situation. I like that she is strong minded and yet soft when it counts. If this is the start of a series, then I have been pulled into the world of Vanessa Michael Munroe and can't wait to see where we go next.

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Definitely reminds me of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. An interesting story that moves along.

This was a great book. Kept me guessing up to the end of the book.

Fast paced, simple writing

Great plenty of twists.

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