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Luchtbellen (2008)

Luchtbellen (2008)
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Uitgeverij Kok
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Luchtbellen (2008)
Luchtbellen (2008)

About book: A man just released from prison. A former love. A town not ready to forgive. A mystery of a deep tragedy deep at the heart of it all that is gradually revealed. This book did mesmerize me at times as the stunning nature of the mystery at it's center came to the center. At first the shifting nature of the narrative as it went from character to character had me on my toes as I tried to keep it all straight. At the end it was a meaningful story of forgiveness and the power of God to heal past hurts. DOGWOOD was an interesting and enjoyable read, kept me up late at night until I had finished it. The main thing I didn't like was the unbelievable/impossible ending to two of the plot lines, particularly Danny's story. I'm sure the author was trying to make a point with Danny's story, but I didn't appreciate the paranormal feel it gave the whole book. I also found the "dirty cops" twist at the end a bit old and hard to believe. On the upside, I liked Will very much. I enjoyed the strength and quality of character he showed, and kept rooting for him to finally fulfill his dream of building a house and marrying Karin. If someone doesn't mind a story that goes outside the usual boundaries of what could really happen, and doesn't mind the paranormal streak, they will probably enjoy this book a lot.
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June Book Gals BookA couple surprises at the end, but overall, pretty predictable.
Would have given it negative stars if I could.Predictable and infuriating.
I need something lighter...
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