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Lucky Breaks (Lib) (2009)

Lucky Breaks (Lib) (2009)

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About book Lucky Breaks (Lib) (2009)

Susan Patron does it again! In her second installment of this trilogy, Lucky is about to turn 11 in her hometown of Hard Pan, Calif., pop. 43. All our favorite characters return: Lucky's friend Milo the 5-year old genius; Lincoln the child knot-tying prodigy; Lucky's foster mother Brigitte; HMS Beagle, Lucky's mutt named after the ship of her idol Charles Darwin; and family friend Short Sammy who made his home from an abandoned water tank. Things get exciting when a group of "ologists" visit Hard Pan on an archaeological dig, and Lucky makes a new best friend, Paloma, neice of one of the "ologists." Lucky and Paloma get into some adventures and one very close call. Patron's quirky yet lovable characters and desert trailer park setting put me in mind of a Coen Brothers film, in a very good way. Wonderful writing, realistic dialog, engaging and realistic characters, lots of laughs, with some heartwarming moments and life lessons thrown in. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars! I enjoyed this book so much. Lucky Breaks taught me of how easily a friendship can be broken. In Lucky's situation, she doesn't want to let go of her friend even though she doesn't notice that she keeps pushing her friend away by always getting irritated with him. Also, she finds a new friend, a girl, who she always enjoys laughing with but sometimes overdoes it. I learned that there's such a thing called too much and too little in a friendship. You need to find the right amount of everything.

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A great follow up to The Higher Power of Lucky, but think I am partial to the first one!

I loved the higher Power of Lucky but I liekd this one even more! Lucky is growing up.

You should read this if you enjoyed "The Higher Power of Lucky."

Cute and fun, I read it in a day.

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