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Lucky Like Us (2013)

Lucky Like Us (2013)

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0062271326 (ISBN13: 9780062271327)
Avon Impulse

About book Lucky Like Us (2013)

THE 2ND BOOK IN THE "HUNTED SERIES" AND VERY WELL WRITTEN. I REALLY LIKE THIS AUTHOR SHE HAS A WAY OF JUST KEEPING ME WANTING TO HURRY AND GET TO THE NEXT PAGE. I LIKED THE STORYLINE, YOU CAN TELL WHAT EACH OF THE BOOKS ARE ABOUT . . . SOMEONE BEING HUNTED. THIS ONE IS ALSO VERY GRAPHIC STALKING AND A KILLER. OF COURSE ROMANCE AND STEAMY SEX. I LIKE HOW THE SERIES SHOW THE POSITIVE SIDE OF AN UNBELIEVABLE SITUATION, WHICH SEEMS THERE'S NO WAY OUT. HEART WARMING CHARACTERS, WITH A NEVER GIVE UP SPIRIT. TRULY A TEAR JERKER, I WAS WEEPY THE WHOLE FIRST PART OF THE BOOK, SO GATHER YOUR TISSUE BOX BEFORE YOU SETTLE IN READING THIS ONE. ON TO BOOK#3. 4.25 out of 5. Book 2 in a new series and picking up characters who made their first appearance in Book 1. It features the twin brother of the hero in Book 1, a man who has given his life to try to make a difference in a world that is dark with evil and who needs the services of men and women of intelligence and energy. Sam is a man and his work as an undercover FBI agent has been massively productive. But such work takes its toll on physical energy and on the integrity of the soul, especially a man of honor who has his limits of how much of this world's evils he can absorb and process. Add in tragedy and hurt, damage to others, and you have a man on the edge, fighting "burn out" in his own life while trying to carry the burdens of injury to others. It is a compelling story of a woman who must deal with the stress of knowing that she alone can identify a serial killer, possibly a person she knows from her travel throughout the upper levels of San Francisco society. Add in the struggles she and Sam must face on a personal level and you have a novel that is intense and one that will keep the reader literally glued to the page. Not a novel any true lover of romance fiction mixed with suspense will want to miss.

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Such a sweet story! It's different than your normal H/h love story. It had some unexpected twists.

Second book in the series, it was as good as the first. I enjoyed it and will continue to book 3.

another yummy book. passion, danger, chemistry, love, and romance.


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