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Luna De Plata (2011)

Luna de plata (2011)

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8448040325 (ISBN13: 9788448040321)
Timun Mas

About book Luna De Plata (2011)

I really liked this book, It was well written and had very much detail. I felt that I could actually be in the book and almost felt how the characters felt. But in the end I was sad about the sacrafice Chey and Powell had to make to end the curse, and I was also shocked about what Chey said adn how she actually felt about Powell in the end, it kinda confused me becuase I thought through out the book Chey was in love with Powell and did want to be with him but then she didn't say that she loved him, but she still hurt that he was dead. Im sad that he had to die because he was without a doubt my favorite character in this series. This was an interesting take on werewolfs. Though i did read the second one first and now the first one second, i still understood what was going on; but at times i did get lost. I do not think that it was beacuse i read it the wrong way, it was more like for some odd reason i kept on missing things in the book and had to go back and re-read what had happened to make sure i understood what was going on. His style to me is grugh and edgie, it's was trule diffrent from what i have read in previouse book. Overwinter is an original with a diffrent take on the legends of werewolfs. I highly recomended this to any paranormale or werewolf lover out there.

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Great book, tho i'm sad that it doesn't leave off for a sequel. Not as far as I can tell.

Good story. Had me interested throughout. Different from other wolf books. Enjoyed it.


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