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Lying With Temptation (2013)

Lying with Temptation (2013)

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About book Lying With Temptation (2013)

Interesting, very interesting this one. I love the concept and idea behind the overall story.Gabby got burnt by one of her supposed best friend and the guy she had a crush on all throughout high school. The humiliating events of her betrayal become town gossip so when the opportunity presents itself for her to leave shitville (that is how she refers to her home town) early to go to college, she jumps at the opportunity. And would you blame her?Cade, her life long best friend and next door neighbor moves with her to attend the same college. I love Cade such an amazing friend. And did I tell you he was HOT a playboy but I see a very pretty girl in his near future that will tame the wild beast. *wink wink*After arriving at the coed dorm she has three new roommates two of which happens to be boys Russ; crazy fun man whore (all he needs is a good women to keep him grounded).Linc, good god Gabby is instantly attracted to him, however their is a small problem upon entering the dorm she learnt of drama that took place between other mixed roommates having relations with each other so they came up with the no dating a roommate policy.Will they break the rules and cross the roommate agreement to act on their attraction?Linc was played by his Ex-girlfriend and after that he is not interested in any form of relationship, he is jaded with serious trust issues. He moved with his cousin and best friend Russ on a football scholarships. When he meets Gabby something changed, he has never met anyone like her before and he just wants to spend time getting to know more about her."She thinks I'm shy, but I honestly find it hard to form words around her. I want her so bad that I am afraid if I say too much it's just going to Tumble out."~LincGabby has an interview for a TA position with Hot Professor Jennings and she lands the job. She now has a new job New College she has a great group of new friends with Cade right by her side she is well on the road to being happy again but how long will that last?I love that Linc was not some crazy man-whore its certainly a change form the norm, They both have an even plane filed to build something real but will they see what is right in front of their eyes before its too late.One night after the gang from shitville visits Reece (the guy who treated her badly and humiliated her) says some pretty nasty things that she takes to heart and causes her to question what is building between her and Linc.With confusion and mixed feelings about herself she runs into professor Jennings and they take things way beyond a professional line. She has completely messed up and this is not one she can easily walk away from.It has also put a spanner in the work with things between her and Linc."Gab, I really like you. I mean I really like you...not just your body which is awesome...but you as a person. I would like to ask toy out on a date, but not right now..."~LincThe secondary characters are great.Russ: Linc cousin and best friend is your typical man whore, he had a rough upbringing but he is a wonderful friend and an all round good funny guy. When Gabby's younger sister comes to visit, they have an instant connection and after she leaves they stay in contact.Daria: She is Gabby, Russ and Linc roommate and a bit of a Mystery to be honest. She is in a relationship with Cade and I must say they are HOT together.Cade: Gabby's life long best friend, typical Jock and an incredible friend. I love his relationship with Gabby he is protective of both her and Anna.Anna: Gabby's younger sister. she might wear cardigans and pearls but I get the feeling that she is a tiger under it all.All their stories developing in the background did not overshadow the main characters. They all added something to the story in their own way. This story is as much about true friendship as it is about Linc and Gabby finding their way to each other.Their relationship develops slowly, and I like that Gabby has a few issues she needed to work through and Linc gave her that time to properly heal and you have to respect him for doing that.Once they started a relationship its one that is built on a firm foundation"Awe sweet Jesus, I didn't know it could be like this." ~LincThings between them gets HOT HOT HOT and heavy pretty fast."For me not to have been big on sex before. Jeez we cant't keep our hands to ourselves. We almost got caught in the laundry room of our building the other day. It's like I've found my own sexual Revolution."~Gabby Overall the book is well written, with a good story line which I enjoyed. Its told from both Gabby and Linc POV. A very good start to a promising series4 Stars From Natasha this book had it all! the romance, comedy, heart breaks, anger and happiness. i was hooked from the start.I loved Gabby. she was such a strong and beautiful character and was always taking care of others instead of herself. she had a tough past year but with Linc she becomes more confident in herself and sees that she really is beautiful.Linc. he was such the hero in the story. when the novel first introduces Linc i fell in love with him. Linc also had it tough in the love life when his girlfirend for 3 years was continuously sleeping with the whole football team so when he meets Gabby it is a new start, a new chance. he has so much respect for Gabby and understands her better than anyone. they connect immediately. Linc is full of passion and cares about Gabby so much- even after he finds out about what happened in her senior year of high school or when he finds out about her sleeping with the professor- he doesnt judge her at all. actually the opposite happens, he falls even more from Gabby and knows that her sleeping with the professor was a drunken mistake which he regret. when they finally kiss you just cant stop smiling throughout the book my favourite character is definately Russ- lincs cousin- yes he is the man whore of the family but he also is very protective off those he cares about and we discover throughout the story when Gabby tells him about the professor, he helps her out of the mess and when russ meets anna, Gabbys younger sister sparks fly.... i cant wait to read their story next!! the main characters in the story are so easy to connect to and love!

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