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Lynx (2010)

Lynx (2010)

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1605049751 (ISBN13: 9781605049755)
Samhain Publishing

About book Lynx (2010)

I liked this story even more than the first two. Trey was not a very warm character in either of the other books but he was never mean either. I'm so glad we got to see this other side of his personality and learn more about his background. When he meets Jonah, a lynx shifter, he may not realize it at first but his heart is about to soften up. I enjoyed the way the author referenced back to the other books Trey has been in and really liked the way she brought Jonah's strength to the surface. They make a terrific couple and I'm so happy with their HEA. I simply love this third part. That's because at last we have got Trey story. This book is like a summery of Treys good work true the years. Between them Jonah tried hard to create his own personal heaven with his own found lover Jonah. Jonah was good for Trey and I was glad, they didn’t give up on each other. The writing style was clean and fast through the years. It's always a pleasure to re-read this book.

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Great for a no-brain feel-good gay romance...but far from "literature"

the first book in the series was the best

Skye's Shifters leader finds love

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