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Macarthur (2007)

Macarthur (2007)

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About book Macarthur (2007)

I find the title of this book strange. MacArthur. I thought one of the characters name is MacArthur or Mac or Arthur. Any name that resembles the title. And I'm not sure if this is referring to the famous Douglas McArthur with the famous quote "I shall return." Nonetheless, the title and the geist of the novel bear not one single connection at all. This books serves as an eye-opener for me. It tells of the children who are born poor, and are mislead by the wrongdoings of the society. They got involved in using drugs and alcohol. Profanities are ever present despite their young age. I know for a fact that these kind of children do exist and I view them as burdens of the society. But after reading this, I admit that I was guilty for placing such judgments against them. After all, they didn't want to be born poor int he first place and if they are given a chance to have a better life and to improve themselves, I'm sure they would grab that chance. But alas, such chances briefly exist today. Bob Ong definitely had written a good realistic novel that depicts the poor children in the Philippines, so I give this novel a 4 stars. Barkadang dumaan sa hirap at ginhawa ngunit bakit isa lang ang natira? Gusto ko malaman kung ano na ang nangyari sa huli, sabihin nalang natin na nabitin ako at medyo naguluhan ng konti sa storya dahil nakakaaning ang mga pangalan nila. 'Voltron' langya naman sino naman kaya magbibigay ng ganyang pangalan sa anak nila? Teka teka tama ba? Parang nakalimutan ko kagad ang storya pero nabitin o baka hindi naintindihan kaya nabitin? Di ko alam balikan ko nalang to pag nasa tama na ang pagiisip ko 'nakakabato'.

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This is my favorite book. The story made me realized something. :)

Swear words everywhere.

So much feels.

ewan ko


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