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Made (2014)

Made (2014)

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J.M. Darhower

About book Made (2014)

I started this book when it first came out, and it remains unfinished although I'm close to the end. Let me say that I love Corrado. After reading Sempre, Corrado Moretti became the book husband of my fantasies. I absolutely LOVED him!! I still do. In Sempre, you have this cold hearted killer who is so in love with his wife. How awesome and romantic is that?! So, I looked forward to reading this book, and reading more details about their love story. I couldn't wait for this book to come out.This book is about 25% romance, 75% mafia. I liked reading his backstory in the beginning. I enjoyed his and Celia's budding relationship and marriage. But their romance wasn't even close to being the focus of the story. Which makes me sad. I will finish the book soon, but I just stopped reading because I was disheartened by the lack of romance in the story. I will say that it is a good book, just not enough romance for me. Maybe there will be more in the last 20% that I have left to read. I cant..........why did she have to end it that way???!!!!!! Im not going to lie, reading all three books and absolutely loving them, I could easily put this book down... until I was at about 60%. Don't get me wrong, every time I picked the book back up, I was enraptured all over again, but I could put it down and not really think about it. 60% on and I was flying through! Gosh, I love Corrado, he was ALWAYS my favorite but there was a lot about Maura in there as well which was a huge but wonderful surprise. Oh and Vincent.... how could you love him more but you do!! However, with that comes even more knots in your stomach, crying, freaking torture and angst! I loved his whole family Antonio included and Corrado and Celia's relationship just made this story. Their love for each other was just impenetrable. What a gut wrenching, beautiful, heart breaking story. I always say it, but Darhower's books are like watching a movie you just see it all play out in front of you. Good thing I didn't wear makeup while reading the last 30% of this book!!

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Loved the sequence! Started from the very beginning of His life as a Moretti! loved this book

Loved this book so much! Definitely one of my favorite books this year.

Another 5 star read for this wonderful series

I want to marry Corrado Moretti!! Loved this.

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