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Maid-sama! Vol. 04 (2010)

Maid-sama! Vol. 04 (2010)

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1427814066 (ISBN13: 9781427814067)

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DON'T READ ONLY SPOILERS EVERYWHERE TO THE WHOLE STORY! SORRY, I LIKE TO JOT DOWN WHAT HAPPENS THROUGHOUT THE STORY BECAUSE I'M SOMETIMES A VERY FORGETFUL PERSON, SO I LIKE TO GO BACK TO MY REVIEW TO READ AND REMEMBER WHAT THE MANGA WAS ABOUT.YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. i rate this book 4.5, This book is excellent its just because I already knew what was going to happen so the excitement wasn't there(me and my little cousin watched the anime together before I got the manga).first year student Kanou can't stand the thought of having more girls at his school, so he starts using hypnosis to ruin misaki's plans of having more girls come to seika high. Misa and Usui manage to overcome the situation (kanou hypnotized Misaki to hate Usui if she falls asleep anytime within a day) by Usui keeping her awake and bothering her the whole day(his usual routine).Kanou gets over his fear if girls, and now the coworkers go to the beach!!!Nagisa-chief's sister who is manager of the ocean-view inn "beach house".At the beach Misa is encountered by Usui! He was also there to help the chief out by being a bodyguard.The girls decide to open a one day special maid cafe to bring more customers to the beach house,but Usui doesn't want misaki to go outin a hot bathing suit, so he gives her a ____ on her back so that she can't go out in the bathing suit unless she wants everyone to see whats on her back.(find out what was on her back by reading the manga, and those of you that have already you should know!)Later there is a volleyball tournament where Usui gets involved because he doesn't want to see misa-chan to win princess and have to be around other guys wearing something sexy. In the end he was injured, and they were about to share a kiss but the fireworks ruined it all.The summer to an end, manga to an end, what's there to do but give you a taste of a fairy tale to leave you satisfied??:They are an an adventure to capture an ogre, only to find out Usui the whole time was the ogre -he didn't steal the girls, they followed him.Misaki was so cute when she was scared of a legend about a couple, but usui was there to comfort her.8D I absolutely love this manga! The drawings and characters and everything are just sprinting off of the pages in excitement. There was a lot of comedy coupled with the romance aspects in the series so it didn’t make it overly girly or childish. I love how it shows a stronger sides to women’s attitudes that they aren’t going to take crap from no one and they can prove it to you (largely by kicking everyone’s a**). Misaki and Takumi’s relationship is absolutely hilarious and amazing!I did watch the anime and I loved it just as much.

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same here tooo, i like this one too!!!

Volume 4. 16 - 19.2


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