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Maid To Match (2010)

Maid to Match (2010)

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0764204084 (ISBN13: 9780764204081)
Bethany House Publishers

About book Maid To Match (2010)

By the title, it is obvious that this is another book about the life of a servant. A counterfeit Downton Abbey? Maybe. The biggest difference is that this one takes place in the United States, North Carolina to be specific, in an actual castle - Biltmore Manor - that still exists today. This is the second book I've read by Gist and I feel like the whole Christian Fiction is a bit of a stretch - maybe it was to simply get a publisher and Bethany House demanded it. Who knows. Still it is a nice and fluffy read that surfaces the question of what can we do in life that will really make a difference. Tillie is convinced that if she becomes a lady's maid she will be able to use the extra pay to help her family and the children in a nearby orphanage. Is that really going to bring her the most happiness in life, or will the dashing Mack make a greater difference in her life. A bit predictable - but isn't all good chick-lit where they run off into the sunset together? I appreciated Gist's note at the end to clarify what was and was not fiction. I learned a little bit more about the difference between the servants in the US vs. England. And that a little bit more about the real Vanderbelts that built and owned Biltmore. I plan on visiting the Biltmore with my family! After reading this book I fell in love with the house. I looked it up on the internet and was happy t see it was still owned by the Vanderbilt's and has tours and other activities. Tillie was a chamber maid and wanted to be the ladies maid. I loved learning about the home and the household staff hierchy. She had a mother who taught her from young childhood how to be a ladies maid. Will she give up her chance for love?

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One of those books that are an easy read and you don't want to put down.

Very sweet (& clean) historical romance. A fun, quick read.

loved it soooo much! i want more!!!!!!!

Light, entertaining, fun read.

It's beautiful.

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