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Mail-Order Millionaire (2000)

Mail-Order Millionaire (2000)

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About book Mail-Order Millionaire (2000)

A cute and very old-school (ie. understand chaste and sexless) romanceI liked Max and understood his difficulty to enter a new relationship post divorce, as well as his enthusiasm for his job. Miranda's very independent approach to life spoke to me, even though it really seemed she was always and only seeing one day at a time, without any real long-term plan – surprising though not completely impossible in her situation. However nothing in her "big-city" experience justified IMO her decision not to get involved with anybody; call me stupid but why being mugged and propositioned by her former boss should make her totally averse to being with someone, I cannot fathom. The rhythm is very slow, the heroes hesitate a lot, but the overall story is very nice to read through. Cute contemporary romance with a millionaire meteorologist stuck on the top of a mountain and a pretty mail order customer service representative with a family farm she can't afford. It all starts over a pair of snow boots that never got delivered, which in turn prompts a special delivery to assure that every customer is satisfied. Lots of laughter, syrup-making, an interfering sister, and a bundle of fun wrapped up in romance!

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Rated G. It was a boring & sweet love story that I kept forcing myself to read.

Bland. Felt nothing at all for the main chaacters.

Great story. Realistic characters. Just love it

Got the book for free, it was a cute read.

Is a great book to read

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