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Making Chase (2008)

Making Chase (2008)

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1599987597 (ISBN13: 9781599987590)
Samhain Publishing

About book Making Chase (2008)

This was a great book about lovers from opposite sides of the tracks. It had a lot of drama & bitch claws being drawn out & shows how ignorant people from some walks of life can be. I enjoyed the whole series & will probably read them again at some future date. I loved the strong willed & very independant character of Tate Murphy & the character of Matt continued as we saw earlier in the other books to be warm & loving. Do I believe in love at first sight like these books are bringing to light......Yes..... The last of the 4 in her series.ok my all time favorite was book 2 hands down.This one was pretty good as well.I got kinda tired of the way the main female character seemed to turn everything around and was so hateful and it is hard to explain but it had a good ending and so I am glad I read them and I hope to read more of Lauren Dane's books.We do have several of her books at our Library and now here are 4 new ones to add.

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FAVORITE Chase book!!! I couldn't put it down!

all four books good storyline

Loved this book!


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