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Manžel Na Objednávku (2013)

Manžel na objednávku (2013)

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About book Manžel Na Objednávku (2013)

Aaaah .. I haven't liked a book this much in a while, I absolutely love this book. The concept is so different, arrange marriages? It's an original book with a fascinating concept. Anne is a beautiful and successful woman, but has failed relationships so she signs up for an arrange marriage service. Anne's character is strong and independent, she's one of my favorite female characters. Her desperation for commitment, and not love amazed me. Most people just want love, and others aren't ready for commitment.The idea for Arranged marriage service didn't seem that bad after I finished this novel. Of course, I would never tempt it. My parents will decide that anyway. The idea itself seems quite logical and actually makes sense. Instead of looking at one's wealth, looks, and status - you are matched at how compatible you are for each other.I didn't see the plot twist coming, it made me love the book even more. I felt like I was Anne, and this was happening to me - which made me bawl over like a two year old. This novel made me laugh, and cry as well. The love interest Jack is adorable, I was cheering for Anne and Jack all the way!This is a perfect 5 out of 5 stars for me! I would really recommend it. Its memorable and an amazing book. It was unique, and I couldn't sleep without finishing it. I'm sad that I finished it so quickly. I hope this comes out in a movie one day. There's something about Catherine Mckenzie's writing that makes me fly through her books. Granted, this is only the second of hers that I've read, but both have been finished in only a few days, and both have been entertaining in the way that good chick lit should be. In Arranged, main character Anne is an everywoman, a writer that is unlucky in love and signs up for a service that she thinks is for dating, but is actually for an arranged marriage. This isn't winning any prizes, but I did stay up until 1am to finish it. Quick, fun, light read.

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Quick read. Chick lit. Will someday make a typical Lifetime movie of the week.

Fun, quick beach read

A beachy read.

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