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Manitou Blood (2005)

Manitou Blood (2005)

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Manitou Blood is the fourth novel in the 'Manitou' series.One key to having a book guaranteed for a reader to adore is by including a beloved hero. Harry Erskine is perfect for that role, being quirky, silly, over-the-top, and humorous while never being corny or self-apologetic. He admits he doesn't know what he's doing but life sucks him in time and time again anyway. He's not a manly man afraid of admitting his fear, but he reaches deep inside himself to pull out inner strength when he really has to. Despite the hysterical dialogue and mannerisms of the hero, this book is anything but a comedy.Dipped into historical lore and legend, the reading is rich, the history and background making it all the more fascinating. This intelligence creates a complicated backbone to the traditional horror novel. Pace is very quick without being overeager to climax too soon. This is certainly not your traditional 'vampire story', and vampires really aren't the main focus at all as you read deeper into the story. It is the almost perfect medium of violence, fear, sex, and comedy. All characters, not just Harry, are convincing and fun to follow. Have no fear, haters of romantic fiction, no sexy Anne Rice type vampires will be found HERE. The ancient, potent primary villain is one pissed off spirit to be reckoned with. He makes sure those who get in his way pay in horrifying ways, and he's no easy foe to overcome.Suspense is taut at the right scenes, with a generous portion of gore. The 'mystery' is alluringly complex and it's never possible to figure out what's going to happen next, and I guarantee no one will know what's coming at the end. Masterton's fine writing style just keeps improving, his imagination seemingly bottomless. Although a part of a series, this is book that's easy to follow as a standalone, while continuing the Manilou thread in a way that will keep fans of the other books pleased.

Legends and Creatures:What I loved about this book was that there was a mix between cultures, more precisely Native American culture and Romanian culture. All the stories and the legends were right, and well Mr. Masterton did his homework. There are some scenes that are frightening, and make your skin prickle from fear. I loved how the Romanian Vampire fits all the standards of Romanian Legends. Also this is so easy for people to know these vampires, since after Stoker's Dracula the Romanian Vampire has kind of become the International Vampire. While the legends from other Balkan countries are too bizarre for people to get used to.(unless you are like me)Main Character:Harry Erskine was my favorite character. He was funny, and sarcastic in the same time. He had pretty much the same reaction I would have if I was him.Extra Element:Also Dracula was mentioned in the book. I am not talking about the vampire, but the real Count Dracula. It was a bit weird reading a story where Dracula is human, even though I know the real story of the Count. And the most ironic thing is that he is killed by vampires. What I didn't like:The POV changes from Harry to doctor Fred, but that wasn't what bothered me. The book starts being written in third person, and then it changes to first. Actually for me, that was just an annoying element, and it didn't really bothered me, because I was so worked up on solving the mystery.

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This is the 4th in the Manitou series. I really enjoyed the first three and love Masterton's books but I just couldn't get into this one at all and so it hit the wall I'm afraid.Back Cover Blurb:A bizarre epidemic is sweeping New York City. Doctors can only watch as, one by one, victims fall prey to a very unusual blood disorder. They become unable to eat solid food, are extremely sensitive to daylight - and they have an irresistible need to drink human blood....As panic, bloodlust and death grip the city, a few begin to consider the unimaginable: Could the old folktales and legends be true? Could the epidemic be the work of....vampires? Their search for the truth will lead them to shadowy realms where very few dare to go. They will seek help from both the living and the dead. And they will realize that their worst fear was only the beginning.

my biggest complaint about this book was how disjointed it felt. the first few chapters started off with one character, and followed his story in the third person, when all of a sudden, the book switched to an entirely different character, speaking in the first person, and then proceeded to go back and forth between the two until about halfway through the book, when it switched entirely over to the first person narrative. and this brings me to my second biggest complaint -- that that first-person narrator, the character harry erskine (a ridiculous psychic reader previously seen in several of graham masterton's other books) was played in a movie by tony curtis, which distracted me to no end while reading. it's hard to take the character and anything he says seriously while thinking about this.there were some effective moments, but as it is, they were few and far between. not so good.

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