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Marine Biology (2000)

Marine Biology (2000)

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Marine Biology by Gail CarrigerThis is another short story from Gail Carriger released as an e-book.In it, we meet young Alex - a werewolf who's surprised to be alive as he and everyone else didn't think he'd survive the transformation. But survive he has. If that isn't enough, he's a gay werewolf in a testosterone-filled pack who thinks it's high time he did his duty and settle down.When a flirty merman becomes his partner in an investigation, sparks fly, witty barbs are exchanged and the two men become closer than they ever imagined.Written a good 14 years later than her earlier short - My Sister's Song - you can easily how far Carriger has progressed in her writing. Her dialog flows easier and incorporates more humor and sarcasm - things I consider to be trademarks of her writing style - than in the previous short story.This is a satisfying read, and Carriger fans will not be disappointed. I think my only problem about this is that it's too short. I would have liked to know more about Alec, and maybe see Marvin as a merman--you know, with tails and all the jazz. But all in all, it's fun and it has that same tongue-in-cheek humour (the 'I'm not taking myself seriously and neither should you' feeling) that you'd expect from Gail Carriger. It gets the sweetness, the banter and flirting, and even the action-packed (no matter how those selkies are really rubbery!) scenes across and I liked it.

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fun little short story. Very different from her Steampunk stories.

Would give it more, but there's only 43 pages of it so I can't.

Very cute.


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