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Marked Down For Murder (2014)

Marked Down for Murder (2014)
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Marked Down For Murder (2014)
Marked Down For Murder (2014)

About book: I have enjoyed this series since the very first book. While the setting is a bit bland and underdeveloped enough to be called in distinct, I do enjoy the cast of characters. This installment may have to be my favorite to date. A lovely Valentine's Day themed cozy with a satisfying and romantic ending that will leave fans of Maggie and Sam cheering. Nice character development and an engaging mystery to solve. I will be watching for the next in this series! I had an English teacher who would have marked me down for the comment I'm going to make about the characters in Josie Belle's latest mystery, Marked Down for Murder. What word would you use to describe Maggie Gerber and her friends the Good Buy Girls when they all team up to help Maggie's nemesis? The most appropriate description is they're "nice" women.Summer Phillips and Maggie have been competitive since they were five years old. They both liked Sam Collins in high school. They even own consignment shops across the street from each other. But, Maggie has reunited with Sam after he moved back to be police chief of St. Stanley. Isn't it a little childish to worry about competition in your forties? Especially this close to Valentine's Day when Sam is sending roses with message hints. At least it seems that way until Summer's mother comes to town, and tries to break them up so Summer can have Sam. She tries everything, even bribery. That's the last straw for Maggie, who rushes over to have it out with Summer, only to find her archenemy crying over a corpse and holding the bloody weapon. Worrying about her safety, Sam warns Maggie not to get involved. But, she and her friends are already too involved. It's a small town, and despite her feelings for Summer and her mother, Maggie doesn't think Summer could kill anyone. And, Maggie's convinced Sam just doesn't remember what it's like in a small community. Everyone helps a neighbor. And, of course, she'll tell Sam everything they uncover.The Good Buy Girls is a series that celebrates friendship, and, in this case, romance, along with the mystery. There's a cast of likable characters, beginning with Maggie, Sam, and their friends. I just love Deputy Dot Wilson. Only "nice" people would rally around to support two women as dislikable as Summer and her mother. But, the twists in the plot force even the reader to sympathize with Summer Phillips. It's a mystery with an unusual turn, but it's the characters who will draw readers back. "Nice" women in a small town don't want to see anyone Marked Down for Murder.
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This is another good book in the series. I love thrift shops and bargain hunting.
Very fun, quick read with a lovely ending.
A fast paced and enjoyable read.
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