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Married Men (2001)

Married Men (2001)

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Good FriendshipOk I like the fact that these men have been friends for years and still share a major part of their lives with one another! That's real cool because I don't think friendships should end. Kyle is obviously the leader, he gets married first (white girl) and he owns a successful black business. His whole world changes when he's falsely accused by a racist cop. He can't have sex with his wife; he goes all the way to Africa leaving his family to find himself! Where was he when he was stepping into this relationship? OKAY Jay, the supposed playa in the group, who married a woman he didn't love because she was having his baby! WHEN WAS THIS WRITTEN? That's why you should use condoms. Jay is foul he has very little respect for himself and falls for anything. He gets turned out by a young girl whose father straight punks him! His wife finally gets a clue and gets her a man on the side and that's when he wants to come home. He wouldn't have lasted that long. Will's girl is off the chain, she's a big girl with a big attitude and she makes him stand his ground because he seems to be a little soft allowing Jay to manipulate him! Exactly how old are they? ALLEN is a punk! No one has love for a mama's boy! His broad was as grimy as they come. She used her talk to get this man money; she took his mama's life, had him raising another man's child, and all his boys had her! Really where do these people live? A mama's boy won't allow for anyone to dis mama let alone kill her! She all of a sudden got pregnant dude where was you cause she rationed it out? MARRIED MEN has some humor, but it's not a realistic depiction in my eyes. Although I know you're always growing, it seems like these characters are always stumbling.

Mann ! I love this book. Carl is a good ass author and this is the longest book I've read and the whole time I read it , it kept me on my feet Kyle was my favorite character of them all , he was the most successful one ., the leader ! He was the one that got married first . Only thing with his marriage is its interracial .. And he lets what everyone else say get to him and his relationship with his wife . W/ 3 beautiful children he shows what it's like to go through it all in a marriage Wil: he was the one with the wife that had a BIG ass mouth and it seemed like time and time again he wasn't able to keep anything from her . I loved his love for big girls . And his love for Diane . They went thru it . But made it out .Allen: he was another one of my favorites .. He was such a nice gentlemen .. It took him a while to get on track. He was the one that was blinded by love & his mothers wants for a long time. He ended up taking care of a baby that wasn't biologically his & he lost his mother all during the wild round. Jay: he was the one that made me most insecure when it came to marriage. He was the big player player. He committed the same sin over and over on his wife .. He let everything go down for him slowly dude to his love for pussy . The pretty boy got whatever he wanted . He had to learn things the hard way & once he seen that Kenya was moving on , he wanted to come back around .. Carl weber did the damn thing on this book one of the few books I've ever read that kept me on my tipey toes at all times . There was never a dull moment .. & Carl is so classy with it .. I can't wait to read another book by him !!

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Four friends, four different marital situations, four different sets of CHAOS AND MADNESS. One doesn't know what he wants, one wants everything, one wants what he can't have, and one wants what he has but she doesn't want him!! Carl Weber always spins a great tale, and Married Men doesn't disappoint. This group of four friends supports one another through ups and downs with family, disasterous dating, parties gone awry, and even tragic health circumstances. Their wives, girlfriends, and family members hold up the cast of characters well, bringing their own share of drama.The good things about this book are the great characters who begin feeling like family by the end, the great detail of the writing which allows the book to read like a television show, and the length. This is a pretty good length of written novel, allowing the audiobook to be long enough for a good ride. I have no negatives about this. I absolutely enjoyed listening to this recording of Married Men via Audible. It is certainly a book I'd recommend to others.

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