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Maschio Bianco Etero (2014)

Maschio bianco etero (2014)

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About book Maschio Bianco Etero (2014)

So. This book. Hmm what to say. I read a review on hear from someone saying its a bit like the TV show Californication. And yes I have to agree it really is. I had the actor David Duchovney in my head all the way through. There is even the estranged wife and teenage daughter to help that theme.Sex. alcohol. Selfishness. And a whole load of running away from the past until one day BAM. Hits him square in the face and he takes stock. After a one family trauma too many.I didn't cry 3 times laugh 50, as one famous quote stated. Perhaps I just don't find this sort of stuff amusing. Not a good choice for my book group at this time.... And maybe not at all!! Novel received courtesy of giveawayWhen I first started this book, I thought it was going to be a looonnnngggg read! Turns out, I really enjoyed it!The main character, Kennedy Marr, is a famous novelist/screenwriter living in LA. He is the stereotypical Hollywood 40-something man--over-moneyed, over-sexed, over-indulged. I thought I would absolutely hate him and the book if it was going to go on for 300 pages about his "over-life". However, Kennedy has inner thoughts that, while they don't redeem him, make him seem a bit more sympathetic. As he wins a prestigious award from a college in England, he moves there to teach at the school. His family is also there along with his ex-wife and daughter. The story truly began there for me. I found myself rooting for Kennedy to get his life together. He could articulate, for himself, the reasons for being an artist. Those reasons are also the reasons for his self-destructive behavior. I would've never picked this book up on my own so I'm so grateful that I won it.

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Enjoyed it. It's funny and sad. Kennedy is a bastard, but a loveable bastard. Worth reading.

Gäbe es einen Spannungsbogen, wären es 5 Sterne gewesen. Hätte, hätte, Fahrradkette.

Worst book that I read to the very end, just because it was a present.

Predictable, superficial, banal. 400 time wasting pages.

Very funny!

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