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Mated To The Devil (2013)

Mated to the Devil (2013)

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Amira Press

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Remy knows his mate is at the frat party, despite his efforts to get close, she rebuffs him. Not for the reason Remy thinks though, Remy's wolf is howling though and Remy continues to drink and ends up spending one night with the women who will be his future, only to wake up to find she is gone and he is miserable.Mina has tried to forget that one night, it changed everything. Five years later she doesn't know what to do about her son, he is an angel at times but when his temper is flared he is ferocious. When Remy's father finds Mina and his grandson, he brings her back with them but Remy has an uphill battle with Mina. Not only is he a father, but Mina doesn't trust easily and Remy has to court her properly to prove he is the man for her.I actually loved this one, it is different and Mina is raised in a highly religious upbringing and cast out when they find she is pregnant. Remy is filled with remorse because he can't remember all the details of that night. Both together though are creating a beautiful beginning, I liked that Mina was cautious and upfront about her concerns. Wonderful read. 4.5 stars. This book was great. Remy, love that caramel! How cute it was her son Jacques. Remy's dad Pierre, he was the rock. Mina's parents were the worst racist, religion freak Mofo; I am glad that she didn't want to be part of them no more. Mina and Remy were both suffering for years. Pierre was the hero in this story in the beginning; Remy, adorable, trying to keep his mate and him falling in love with his son. Jacques was a cutie pootie, caramel complexion with blue eyes, adorable. Remy and Mina finally had the moment they wanted to be together, even though Mina was just confuse from her upbringing, calling him the Devil, because of what he did as a lycan, but she know who she loved and who loved her at the end. Bravisimo to Ms. Langlais, another book that I do not have nothing to complain about. Loved the Characters. But I think Dean needs to have his story and Pierre as well needs to have another mate.

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Not really exciting. In fact, no thrill at all. An average story.

As always a 5 star book by Eve!!! Will write more at a later time

Wow, that sucked.Review to Follow

2 stars

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