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Mating Rituals Of The North American WASP (2009)

Mating Rituals of the North American WASP (2009)

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About book Mating Rituals Of The North American WASP (2009)

Some people pick up books simply because the cover catches their eye. I am the same way with titles. Show me a book with a title asking a ridiculous question or with a play-on-words sort of title, and I'll take it home with me. Thus I ended up walking out of the bookstore the other day with this watermelon-colored volume. It was a cute, quick read, and though I wanted to shake some sense into the characters a couple of times, it wasn't so much that I got annoyed by it. Peggy Adams is upset when she wakes up next to a strange man after a Vegas night she can't remember....but she's horrified when she discovers that she married him! Luke Sedgwick is WASP royalty, the last of the new Nineveh, Connecticut, Sedgewicks. He might also be perfect, if Peggy weren't already pre-engaged to her live-in boyfriend of seven years (she even has the "promise ring" to prove it). Peggy and Luke agree to get an annulment ASAP -- and then receive an offer they can't refuse...Luke's eccentric great-aunt Abigail offers the two of them the chance to make millions on the family estate; All they have to do is stay married for a year. Peggy is soon pretending to be on-half of the perfect couple among New England's WASPy set on the weekends, while keeping her marriage a secret during the week. But she isn't prepared for what might be here worst mistake of all--falling in love iwth her soon-to-be ex-husband.It was a good read, not a fabulous, can't put it down, can't predict some of what is going to happen, more than usual, book for me so had to give this one four stars. I have given out so many lately of 5 stars and it wasn't because I was being kind, it was because I was reading fabulous can't put down books! This one was really about 4 1/2 stars, but I can't rate it that way on this page, only in whole stars. I was busy reading it, didn't walk away from it and wanted to finish it which makes me want to lean more toward 5 stars. But some of it became easy for me to see the end in sight for some of the things going on in the story so I gave it 4 stars.

Do You like book Mating Rituals Of The North American WASP (2009)?

Debated whether to give this book 4 or 5 stars. I liked it better than anything I've read in awhile.

Very cute, slightly predictable, but speaks to the romantic in all of us.

I enjoyed this book. I was never bored! It always held my interest.

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