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Matéria Negra (2014)

Matéria Negra (2014)

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Bertrand Editora

About book Matéria Negra (2014)

I've read many reviews of this book and am relieved to discover I'm not the only one who's dissatisfied with it. Apparently a lot of people are ticked off with the author's radical right wing agenda and his portrayal of liberals and Democrats as the source of all that is evil in our country. Right....Aside from that, the book's premise annoyed me. A film director is secretly making a documentary in his house about something EXPLOSIVE enough to have people try to assassinate him. Guess what it's about? It's about well-funded nonprofit organizations who have banded together, infiltrated the school system, are brainwashing our children, all to bring about the total downfall of America. Yeah. How absurd is that? The mastermind behind this is a South American who has spent most of his life in NYC and who has made a cool billion by insider trading. And he's funding and using Muslim terrorist organizations as fronts toward his objectives. I'm not making this up. I wish I were.This book is stupid, the protagonist is stupid, the extreme right wing politics are offensive, and I'll never read another book by this insipid author again. Certainly not recommended! Although political policy plays a role in the story, I still believe that Brad does a great job at bringing in action and mystery. He makes me turn pages which is exactly what I want from any author, so great job Brad and keep them coming.Specifically for this story, I wish the topic of full black itself was more discussed instead of a "one-liner" so to speak. But on a positive note, I really like Brad's character development.

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Thor provides a fast moving thriller posing realistic, Jack Bower-esque conspiracies and bad guys

First book by Brad Thor, will add him to my reading list of authors.


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