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Maximum Ride Five-Book Set (2009)

Maximum Ride Five-Book Set (2009)

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0316098744 (ISBN13: 9780316098748)
Hachette Book Group, USA

About book Maximum Ride Five-Book Set (2009)

I'm a science fiction fan and it has been a year ago since I first ran across this series in the library. I was surprised that I had not heard much about it in the hallways because usually when great books come out you usually hear everyone talking about it which is usually how I decide to read a book. Actually when I was young I always wanted to fly and my childish self still wants to be able to do it. This book fulfilled my wanting of flying because the way it was written seemed so real! Unfortunately, once I dug my head out of these books, I obviously couldn't fly which made me sort of depressed. -Swiss MissP.S.- :D MAXIMUM RIDE FOREVER IS GOING TO COME OUT SOON! DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS? THE NINTH AND FINAL BOOK OF MAXIMUM RIDE! Honestly, I think this book is very good. When i finished the 8th book I acctually missed it. this will be a series will read over and over again along with the divergent books (soon to be trilogy :D). Maximum Ride was once a book I thought i would never read...never the less i gave in and it was one book after the other until the series ended. after Fang (MaximumRide #6) I was practicly in tears. I highly recommend this series (And The Divergent Books).

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Good, but the series as a whole was dragged on far to long.

The last couple of books started to lose me....

Loved every moment of Maximum Ride.

busy on the fifth book...

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