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Measuring Up (2000)

Measuring Up (2000)

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About book Measuring Up (2000)

The standards of beauty are dictated by what society thinks is acceptable. Women who are sexy have to be thin and long-legged, men have to have abs.I like how this books challenges those beliefs but it would have been better if Annabel remained the way she was. A person doesn't have to conform to outside standards to feel beautiful and confident. Loving yourself and your flaws makes you a confident person.So basically I liked this book but the characters just didn't capture my attention like Nyrae Dawn's other books. A incredibly enjoyable and heartwarming story. I was hooked from the first couple pages, finished it in a few hours. It didn't feel like a very long book, the characters where very entertaining and relatable. It wasn't one of those books you just know is just going to stay with you for days after you read it, BUT it was very cute. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a light story in between more intense books... It carried a important message about body image/weight and I found myself relating it to people in my life. A startling insight into a person's emotions.

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Quick, easy read. Pretty cute and light hearted. I enjoyed the journey and the sentiment.

I might got motivated to workout but didn't liked the details of it!!

3 stars for the book +1 for the life lesson

A very cute, short, stand-alone story.

4.5 stars

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