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Mein Hungriges Herz : Roman (2006)

Mein hungriges Herz : Roman (2006)

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About book Mein Hungriges Herz : Roman (2006)

I loved the writing in the book so much that I would go back a few pages and reread sections every time I picked it up. I didn't like everything about the main character, especially the nature of her ultimate sin, but I identified with her inner voice. Her view of herself and her own twisted nature made complete sense to me. I also really loved some of the philosophical jaunts and I still find myself pondering some of her questions. And finally, I liked that the book abruptly ended without a neat bow wrapped around the story. It felt more fitting for this character's journey that it picked up and left off without clear distinctions. This would be a good book club pick. This novel, written in an almost folkloric, even a dream-like style, raises some questions about being and love that are deeply thought provoking. Myriam improbably opens a small restaurant and ends up living there also, since she does not have enough money for a place to live. She has been estranged from her family, especially her son Hugo, after a scandal and betrayal that tore her world apart. This is a story of coming to terms with one's self and one's flawed past, learning to open oneself to desire, love and kindness again, and ultimately finding a way of forgiving oneself and allowing others to forgive. A lovely, quietly elegant story.A small book, but not a small story.

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The writing is like a day in the life of my head...

ok, very european



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