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Menschenhandel Sklaverei Im 21. Jahrhundert (2010)

Menschenhandel Sklaverei Im 21. Jahrhundert (2010)
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Menschenhandel Sklaverei Im 21. Jahrh...
Menschenhandel Sklaverei Im 21. Jahrhundert (2010)

About book: This book was, not surprisingly, a difficult read due to the subject matter. I am relatively new to the subject of modern human trafficking, but in my research on various anti-trafficking websites (i.e. stop the traffik)and in watching TED talks and other news specials I have become very interested and concerned with this global issue. This book added to my knowledge and made the experiences more personal with it's narrative descriptions and story-telling. I found Skinner's travels and experiences interesting and eye opening. It raised many questions, provided many answers and pushed me towards the desire for further research and activism. I highly recommend this book as a tool for increased awareness of the topic. I enjoyed (using the word loosely; there's very little to actually "enjoy" in this reading) that it took a truly awful topic and at least removed the drudgery from learning about the politics and history of it; it continued my desire for action. This is a very well written and researched work, that really attempts to describe how modern day human trafficking operates: from the origin of purchase and what circumstances allow this to be a possibility, to government policies and the unintended consequences that they often have. Skinner very courageously went where very few dare go to document the trail of human suffering from point of origin to end. He documents the deep suffering not purely to shock and horrify the reader (although that should be the case) but to bring a reality to the topic. A very important work in the quest to end this horrifying trade in human flesh that exists today.
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shocking book about the 27 million people in the world in bondage and slavery, a real eye opener
very educating to know the horrible crimes of slavery are worse than ever inthis 'free' world.
Excellent book. Everyone should read this.
I had to stop -- way too upsetting.
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