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Mentats Of Dune (2014)

Mentats of Dune (2014)

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0765322749 (ISBN13: 9780765322746)
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About book Mentats Of Dune (2014)

A new tale of Frank Herbert's Dune Universe by son Brain and co-author Kevin J. Anderson. Echos of today's tea party can be detected in the emotion Butlerians and their leader, the legless Manford Torondo whose "sacred" mission is to eliminate the last remnants of the tyranny of "thinking machines," nearly one hundred years in the past. Opposed to Torondo is businessman Josef Vanport and his great-grandmother and firstfoldspace "Navigator" Norma Cenva, the Mentats and their headmaster Gilbertus Albans and Prince Roderick Corinno. Good space opera in the Dune Universe and the beginning of another series of its future history. Meh. Not a great effort, and I generally have been fond of their work. Noticed a bad review before I read, didn't read the whole review just saw in passing that it was negative but no specifics, so perhaps I was reading more critically than I otherwise might have done. Anyway, I noticed a few logical inconsistencies, though I can't recall them now, and at times I found the events somewhat forced and the characterization a bit broad.

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One of the better of all the prequels to his father's Dune. Now I'm anxious for the next one.

Not my favorite read in the books written by the son... But I love them all!

Better than expected. There will be at least 1 more in the series...

Books from the Dune series never disappoint.

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