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Mentira Perfecta (2012)

Mentira perfecta (2012)
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Harlequin Ibérica
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Mentira Perfecta (2012)
Mentira Perfecta (2012)

About book: I loved this book because it examines a rarely discussed problem created with the fight against mistreating women and children. Now that women feel less shame connected with a rape, some unscrupulous women are 'crying rape' just to cause problems for someone else. Though rarely happens, it does happen. Luke Trussell is the victim of just such an instance. Kalyna Harter is upset because Luke does not fall in love with her. Ava Bixby of The Last Stand, a victim's charity, Comes to the aid of Kalyna, but after realizing that Kalyna is a lier, she begins to help Luke. Lots of twists and turns, interesting characters, and and interesting story, what more can you ask for in a book. I admit to being a Brenda Novak fan. In fact, I've read almost all her books. In this latest series set in Sacramento, three women, victims themselves, have banded together to form a victims charity defense for women facing similar situations.Book two, The Perfect Liar, is edgy and well written. As in the first book, the reader is aware who the antagonist is. Novak has a knack for keeping up the suspense and for showing the evil that lurks beneath the surface of her villains.Ava Bixby takes on the case of Kalyna Harter, a Ukranian immigrant and Air Force sergeant who claims to have been raped by Captain Luke Trussell. However, as Ava digs deep into the case, she wonders if she's defending the wrong person.Ava, the child of a dysfunctional family, has a thrice married father and a mother serving a prison sentence for attempted murder. In addition, she failed to act on a cry for help from one of her clients which ended badly. Ava is determined never to let that happen again, so she is prejudiced from the get-go against Captain Trussell even as she finds him disturbingly attractive.Novak delves into Ava's background as well as Kalnya's and some shocking details are revealed.Without revealing too much more, let me urge you to buy this book. The ending will surprise you.Highly recommended.
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Didn't like the story, charactors or anything about this book.
Semi-decent crime story... but nothing to distinguish it.
Skillfully crafted bone chilling suspense
Awesome book! I was hooked from page 1.
4.5 stars
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