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Mentirosa (2009)

Mentirosa (2009)

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About book Mentirosa (2009)

Some people don't like this book because it's totally confusing and never gives you a straight answer.However, that's why I liked it! Every couple pages I would just stare at the pages with bewilderment. By the very end I was screeching "what??? What!!???!? WHAT!!???!?"It is totally baffling. Again, that's what I like about it. It was such a page turner because I just wanted to see was what she came up with next, trying to figure out what was real and what wasn't.***sort of spoiler for the end of the book***The only reason I gave it a four is because she never actually gave us an answer! It got more and more confusing and muddled. It was great, but also greatly frustrating. The first fifty pages of this story. I'm blackI do this because I'm black Oh, I'm blackDid I mention I'm black I'm not white because I'm black. OH MY FREAKING GOD. WE GET IT! The character is do caught up in pointing out her race that that's all there is to the story. You don't read a book about a white girl saying 'I'm white' every 5 words. You say it once, maybe it might come up again later on. But not 59 times in 50 pages!!!I read the back and decided it could be worth my time. But it wasn't. It was boring, slow, with no real plot development besides the characters ability to claim her race every 2 seconds. It was simply boring, it doesn't draw you in, it spits you straight out. There are not many books on my 'could-not-finish' shelf. But this is one of them. 1 star. If I could give it less I would.

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One of my favourites from 2012. I loved the fact that I'm not ever really sure what is the truth

2.5/5.There was a lot of potential, but the story line just seemed to go around in circles.

I am still thinking about what I thought about this book.

¿quieres un libro que juegue con tu mente? AQUÍ ESTÁ.

This was a great book with a horrible ending. Weird!

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