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Merciless Ride (2000)

Merciless Ride (2000)

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About book Merciless Ride (2000)

Merciless Ride, is, I think my favorite of the three books so far. I've been curious about Rex and Tessie's story since the first book. And in this one we finally get their whole story. All the good, the bad and the ugly.When Rex, being the typical Rex, once again lets Tessie down, it falls to Shooter, to step up and be there for her. When the two of them meet, there is an instant attraction, but they both fight it. Until one horrible night when Tessie is viciously attacked after work. Because Tessie is no ones "ol lady", someone needs to step up and claim her if the Hellions are to avenge her attack. Once again Rex refuses to step up for her, and it falls to Shooter. He claims her as his. And in doing so, opens up one big secret of Tessies. Both Shooter and Tessie have demons of their own. Shooter has been fighting his for years, Tessies are new and fresh. But they calm each other, and together work through them. They are much stronger together. They have such a good read on each other, they can tell when the darkness approaches and fend it off early, before more damage can be done. I really love these two characters.A small warning before you purchase the book. It is violent and does contain a rape scene. If you are at all sensitive to this, this might not be the book for you.I'm really looking forward to the next book, lets see if Rex has really learned anything from the mistakes he made with Tessie and can finally man up, and step up for Caroline. Just finished Merciless Ride. This was a wonderful story. It was not as long as the others, but the story line was fully developed and finished in a way that did not feel rushed or as if things were missed. I loved Shooter and Tessie. I loved the development between the relationship between Shooter, Tessie and Rex. This books set's us up nicely for Innocent Ride. But we have a long wait as it's not due until January!! Can't wait for the next story. Ms. Cameron you do an excellent job I have enjoyed each and every book of this series and they just keep getting better and better.

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I love the Hellions MC but let me tell you this book left me breathless. This was a FANTASTIC read.


Foi o melhor até agora! Recomendo!

Best cover ever.


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