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Mi Primer Beso (2014)

Mi primer beso (2014)

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Destino Infantil & Juvenil

About book Mi Primer Beso (2014)

Not exactly what I had been expecting...I felt Reekles tried to make it a bit too complicated only to not really follow through on a lot of things, namely Noah and how he was initially portrayed as the perfect hearthrob that was later a quick-tempered, out of control jerk. While I understand it was because he was being a jealous, overprotective person who's interested in her, it turned out to be way more serious than that (ie people thinking he would hit her), and I don't think his anger issues were ever resolved. I also think Noah being interested in Shelly for the last few months, according to him, is inconsistent to why she is almost 17 and has never had a date (ie Noah must have warned other guys away way before that).Also, I felt Shelly's relationship with Lee was a little bit too unrealistic. I mean, I get that they are close, but her being so comfortable around him in underwear and such, and they have never hooked up or even really thought about it... I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but it's more wishful thinking for a teenage boy. And for them to be that close, I would have expected Shelly and Noah to know each other better - even if he had initially thought of her as just his "kid brother's best friend."Overall, not a bad book at all. Just kind of a rollercoaster ride from what initially seemed like cute, fun fluff to a more serious one, to an open ending... This a really nice, sweet and cute story, a little cliche, but overall a really good read. I have been hooked into the story, and I love the writing style. It would definitely be something you would pick up at 13-15 probably?One thing that kept bugging me was why she still wanted to be with Noah even though he is so possessive, demanding and controlling almost all the time. At first, it was a little cute, maybe because he was showing signs that he actually liked her or something. However, it kind of became annoying as he was acting like he owned her and even controlled her dressing- whether it showed too much skin. She, on the other hand, din't seem to care much, although she had tried to rebel against his opinions but they made up with a kiss anyway. .__.An entertaining read with a generally cliche plot, although some parts are unrealistic, like her putting up with the controlling side of Noah.

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I'm not a YA, but I read plenty of them. This was the perfect love story for a seventeen year old.

Sweet,cute,lovely. A nice read from the 17-year-old Beth Reekles! Keep it up!

Oh man that was terrible...a review is coming for sure.

Más bien 3.5

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