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Michelangelo's Notebook (2005)

Michelangelo's Notebook (2005)
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Michelangelo's Notebook (2005)
Michelangelo's Notebook (2005)

About book: Disappointed. Let me start out by saying Paul Christopher desperately needs to get over his bitter resentment of Dan Brown. Sorry dude, but the guy is more famous than you. Maybe because, while he puts more “fantasy” and less “truth” in his novels, they usually flow better and he doesn’t constantly name a specific person as crock. This is the 6th book I’ve read by Paul Christopher, and it gets really old, really fast. Especially in one of his books, he blasts Brown’s Da Vinci Code by at least 4 characters. Overkill. Past that, this book is disjointed, difficult to follow, and while it was a quick read, it wasn't really enjoyable. There are too many storylines to follow that aren’t clearly marked. He even writes himself, “Mysteries were mysteries but this was verging on the impossible” (Pg 235). That's a good way to describe this book. Beyond that, he rushes the end conclusion, yet doesn't finish it. You're still left wondering who two characters *really* were. SPOILERS-- At the end, a detective says that the child has always been dangerous, and that the child would "go on killing." But it is never said what made the child dangerous (as you're first introduced to him at age 3), or what he was killing for. It doesn't actually wrap up how the Vatican and the art are really connected, except in a vague, anticlimactic way. Which is what this book was- anticlimactic. It left me pretty unfulfilled, but maybe that's because I had high expectations. I thought this would be an exceptionally good read about Michelangelo's notebook and the real mysteries of it, and focus more on a mystery surrounding it. Instead it's the introduction and doesn't play a part past the first 30 pages or so.

Boobies boobies boobies dead body dead body boobies dead body boobies boobies.There, I just summed up the fist 100 or so pages for you. Moving on...Basically this book follows Dan Brown's formula of attractive hero/heroine + art mystery = $$$. Except this is an even lamer version of Dan Brown. As a matter of fact, a character in this book even comments on page 304 (of my copy at least) that this is "getting into Dan Brown territory" or some variation of that quote.Which makes me wonder, first Brown wrote about a famous artist, and then went even further into religion with Angels and Demons. And Mr. Christopher's next book with Finn is titled The Lucifer Gospel...sounds like we're delving even more into religion! The parallels are uncanny!!!In addition to this, well let's say there's "descriptive" and then there's "beating a dead horse". I would read pages and pages and forget what the heck the point was.Add in little annoyances like the fire escape that led up to the roof (because in case a building's on fire, boy howdy I know I wanna climb to the roof!) and an object clicking "decisively to a stop like a cork in a bottle" (I always thought corks in bottles made "pop" or "poomp" sounds, but maybe I'm crazy, maybe they click and I just hear what I want)...*sighs* the lameness of this book doesn't even deserve my sarcasm.That's about five hours of my life I'll never get back.
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Pasca penerbitan Davinci Code, novel-novel yang melibatkan keimanan terutama yang menyangkut gereja katolik mulai banyak masuk pasar buku. Salah satunya novel ini.Lukisan.Pembunuhan.Pengejaran.Diawali oleh penemuan lukisan michelangelo yang asli secara tak sengaja oleh Finn Ryan. korban pun berjatuhan satu persatu. Ryan pun tak luput sebagai target berikutnya, namun dalam keadaan genting ia berlindung kepada michael valentine,ahli seni juga. dan melakukan investigasi, yang membawa mereka ke masa lampau, perang dunia ke-2.semuanya berhubungan dengan lukisan-lukisan berharga terutama juga disebut karya-karya seni yang dirampok oleh tentara Nazi justru diambil alih dan sampai ke tangan pasukan Amerika.penulis juga "menyisipkan" kisah seorang anak kecil yang merupakan anak dari Paus.dari awal pembaca sudah bertanya-tanya apa kaitannya anak ini dengan lukisan-lukisan yang hilang pada zaman nazi, tapi karakter yang seharusnya bisa dieksplor dan dapat disuguhkan secara menarik hanya sebagai tokoh penutup.jadi terasa "biasa aja" suasana thriller
MICHELANGELO'S NOTEBOOK (Amateur Sleuth-NYC/Germany-Cont/WWII) – NRChristopher, Paul (aka Christopher Hyde) – 1st under pseudonymOnyx, 2005-PaperbackArt history student, Finn Ryan, comes across a drawing she is certain came from the lost notebook of Michelangelo. When she confronts her boss, he fires her. She and her boyfriend are attacked in her apartment and he is murdered. Finn calls a number given to her by her mother for emergencies, and is brought to Michael Valentine, a mysterious book dealer with whom she joins forces.*** Fortunately, this book was published in paperback, so I only wasted $8 on it. The plot is completely implausible with holes large enough to fly the shuttle through. There is no character development, the author's view toward women is sophomoric, and there are only about two pages of suspense at the end of the book. Take a pass on this one.
James Sorensen
A young art student,Finn Ryan, is working at inventorying the stored collection of artwork at the Parker-Hale museum in New York City. While doing the job she stumbles across an apparent piece of art work torn from the mythical notebook of Michelangelo. She takes a photo of the piece on her phone before being discovered by the museum's curator, Alex Crawley. When confronted about finding the page Finn's internship is terminated after she disagrees with Crawley about who drew the picture.Stunned and upset about losing her job she heads home to take care of another problem; getting rid of her live-in boyfriend whom she really doesn't care for. Upon arriving home she is attacked by someone tearing up her apartment and during the struggle her boyfriend come home and is attacked and killed. Not long after this event Alexander Ceawley is also found dead. Finn will eventually meet up with antiquarian book dealer Michael Valentine and together they will work to find the mystery of Michelangelo's Notebook.This book seems to have a wide range of ratings and I guess that is based upon the fact that Mr. Christopher is actually novelist Christopher Hyde and this book does not live up to his Hyde novels. Having never read any Christopher Hyde I did not have any preconceived expectations. Maybe that is why I enjoyed it. Is it a great book: No. Does he strain the plot some what: yes. But sometimes a book can just be fun to read, which I thought this book was. Choose for yourself, but I'm sure this book is a good foundation for his future Paul Christopher novels.
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