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Mida Taim Teab. Teejuht Meelte Maailma (2012)

Mida taim teab. Teejuht meelte maailma (2012)

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About book Mida Taim Teab. Teejuht Meelte Maailma (2012)

Decades ago I studied biology in college & I picked this book up to get a sense of what is going on in botany these days. This is a great book for an introduction to how plants sense their world & respond to the environment. Chamovitz highlights some of the groundbreaking work w/out going into too much detail or depth, just enough to give a taste of the subtlety of research. From what a plant 'sees' to how a plant builds memory to a consideration of plant intelligence (a kind of procedural intelligence, not emotional or conceptual), this book has given me more insight into my own garden. I can heartily recommend this book to anyone beginning to investigate the world of plants who doesn't want to get bogged down in minutiae. High level survey of the various systems and cells within plants that allow them to adjust to light conditions, gravity, proximity of other plants, etc. The book emphasizes that plant's don't have brains or senses in the same way that humans do, but nevertheless proceeds to use human senses as analogies to plant systems. Does help one to better appreciate the scientific wonder of plants. Read for a Coursera course of the same title taught by the author but am thinking the book is quite enough on this topic.

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Interesting compilation of research about plants' interactivity with its environs.

An interesting and eqducational read....especially for a vegetarian like myself.

Fascinating and easy-to-read. What a great combination!

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