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Mijnheer Eekhoorn En De Eerste Sneeuw (2007)

Mijnheer Eekhoorn en de eerste sneeuw (2007)

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9076347921 (ISBN13: 9789076347929)
Uitgeverij Hoogland & Van Klaveren

About book Mijnheer Eekhoorn En De Eerste Sneeuw (2007)

I was reading this book for the Children’s Book Group and I will admit it was an extremely cute book. “Waiting for winter” is a children’s book by Sebastian Meschenmoser which is about how a squirrel, a hedgehog and a bear trying to wait for snow to fall for the winter. “Waiting for winter” is a truly irresistible book that you just cannot put down anytime soon!When Squirrel heard Deer saying that winter is almost here and that it is going to snow, Squirrel wanted to know what snow is and so he tries to wait for snow to fall while hedgehog and bear later on came by and waited for snow to come with Squirrel.I honestly enjoyed this book because the illustrations and the story were both very cute! Sebastian Meschenmoser has certainly done an excellent job at writing this story in a simplistic yet hilarious way as it details how squirrel, hedgehog and bear tried everything to stay awake to find snow and even tried to find snow themselves. I thought it was cute that squirrel, hedgehog, and bear all wanted to stay up to see snow since they have never seen snow before and that is seen as a way a child is excited about seeing snow for the first time in their lives, which made this book slightly realistic in displaying actual emotions for the characters. Sebastian Meschenmoser’s illustrations are truly beautiful as the book is displayed with mostly white backgrounds until the last six pages where it is truly colorful, just like what happened on the last page in another children’s book “Fletcher and the Falling Leaves” and I also loved the images of the squirrel, the hedgehog and the bear as they look scraggly and yet look cute at the same time.All in all, “Waiting for winter” is a truly cute and beautiful story about discovering new discoveries about the world and I am sure that many children will enjoy this book for many years. I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate for younger children. 100% top-notch, A1, beautiful, funny, even a little touching. Everything a picture book should be. The art is really something to behold--you'll find yourself wondering how Meschenmoser can draw so precisely with such a scribbly style, but he does. The animals look like they're supposed to--lively, with realistic anatomy, and yet with poses that communicate a tremendous range of emotion. Definitely a work of art as well as a fun read.

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This is an absolutely delightful book. My daughter and I laughed our way through it.

This is a cleaver story with cute illustrations.

Superb story--outstanding illustrations!

Brilliant illustrations and pacing!

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