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Milion Sluncí (2012)

Milion sluncí (2012)
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Milion Sluncí (2012)
Milion Sluncí (2012)

About book: If you're not aware, this is the second book. However i didn't know when i started reading and i was still interested and pulled into the book. The plot is easy to follow and you don't really need to read the first one to understand this one because everything is explained in great detail, which i loved! I think this book ties in with drama, mystery, and romance. The two main characters, Amy and ELder, fall in love, however if that bores you, passengers on the ship kill eachother, and even if that bores you there's multiple mysteries to be solved. You think you've figured it out and whats going on when PLOT TWIST. I highly recommend this book. This was a strong follow-up to what ACROSS THE UNIVERSE started. I liked the mystery of the clues Orion set up for Amy, and Amy's scavenger hunt for the mystery. With the story itself, my only complaint is that there wasn't really any fluctuation of tension or feeling. It was high powered intensity from page one to the end, but without ebbs and flows, it lost a bit of its meaning on me. It just started to feel tedious--like, when is this going to wind up and end already?--even though I was really interested in everything that was happening. Anyway. I especially liked Elder in this one, and how much he grows through his struggles and failures. Though, honestly, I sort of wish he'd grow a backbone where Amy is concerned; there were times in the book when he got legitimately angry with her, but the second she looked like she might be offended, he backpedaled and then some, groveling included. But Amy needed to be set in her place, more than once. Most of my frustration with Amy can be summed up by Elder when he thinks, "We're not painting charts on walls or setting up guards or trying to track down a murderer. I guess when it's my people getting killed, not hers, she doesn't care so much." Everything is crumbling down around Elder, and it's like Amy doesn't even notice, or she notices, but the ship falling to complete chaos and anarchy has nothing on how claustrophobic she is, or whatever.All Amy cares about in this book, and we hear it over and over, is about how she misses her parents and wants off the frexing ship. Now, if this were real life and Amy was a real person, these things making up the bulk of her character would be normal. But this is fiction, and I just got so tired of her looking for any excuse to wake her parents up, of her thinking anyone who has a different opinion from her is an idiot (like with people being nervous about getting off the ship or being off Phydys--she doesn't even try to understand their point of view or history, they're just blind idiots), of her selfishness in considering only herself and her own inclinations as valid or important. Also, what was with her hatred of Orion? How she could hate him more than she hated Luthor, how she could have absolutely no pity for him but plenty for Luthor, just blew my mind. I mean, Luthor tried to rape her--and would have, if he hadn't been forcibly stopped. And she's dealing with the trauma and fear of that the whole book. What did Orion do to her that even comes close to that? He killed a couple frozens and threatened her dad, but how does that even come close to Luthor? To me, it doesn't even compare--especially because, as she herself acknowledged, Orion was acting out of fear and trying to protect his people, whereas Luthor knew he was doing wrong, did it anyway, and enjoyed it. Anyway, in spite of my irritation with Amy, this was a fun read. I'll be reading the last one shortly, and with anticipation.
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This book is a HUGE improvement from the first one. First of all, the story is more intense and compelling. I was so intrigued by the mysteries that Beth Revis had set out in the story that I slept late last night just reading this. Besides, Elder's and Amy's characters are also more fleshed out here. They are not as flat and boring as they were in the previous book. However, there are some inconsistencies in the story that kinda bug me, like Barty's character, for instance. But overall, I think this is a really fun book and I am looking forward to the final one.
Bu kitabı birinci kitaptan daha fazla beğendiğimi söyleyebilirim... Amy en sonunda Çırak için olan hislerini anlamaya başlıyor ve bu tüm kitapta olan tek güzel şey diyebilirim. Ama kitapları hemen ard arda okumak beni biraz sıktı ve konu ilk sayfalarda hiç ilerlemiyordu, beni merakta bırakıp okumamı sağlayan şeyler kitabın ortalarına doğru çıktı, okuyacaksanız sabırlı olmalısınız...
Another Fantastic Read!!! So much intrigue and mystery!!! I never once got bored reading this book!!
YAY! I loved this one just as much as the first! Pretty stoked to read the last book!
I just love this series so much! Couldn't put the books down even when I tried.
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