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Mind Over Magic (2009)

Mind Over Magic (2009)
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Mind Over Magic (2009)
Mind Over Magic (2009)

About book: There was almost a bonus to reading a novel of Psych rather than watching it on TV, and that was the thought process going on in everyone's heads. This is very much like any episode of Psych you would have seen in the first season, with a little more insight. The plot was fun, and while by now if you've seen all of the episodes that have aired it might be a little predictable, there is enough to keep you guessing along the way. What made a brilliant turn in this first novel for the first season was that you never saw into Shawn's head. Gus, Henry, and Lassiter have their moments to shine, but never once is Shawn's thoughts delved into. This is sheer brilliance on the author's part. It keeps the reader guessing, as Psych is meant to, especially about how he is going to go about his final reveal. It still isn't watching the show, but it comes darn close and makes for an enjoyable read. I love love love the show and these books are like a little secret episode just for me. The first one was okay, this one felt much more like the series. More Jules and Lassie (which I LOVE) and Henry and Chief Vick make an appearance. McNab is used as a punchline but doesn't really appear. If you like the show, you'll like the book. If you're just a mystery fan, its a little dry.
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Fun side adventure for fans of the show. If you like "Psych" this is a no-brainer.
This was one of my favorites. Very funny!
Love. Psych. So much.
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