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Mine For Christmas (2014)

Mine For Christmas (2014)

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About book Mine For Christmas (2014)

We got to catch up with Simon, Kara, Sam and Maddie in this novella. Kara and Maddie are both feeling self conscience about the way they look after having their children, they both are feeling like their husbands aren't attracted to them any longer. I'm glad Jan have us this update on our billionaires and their families. If you want to know about the special Christmas these families had, then go 1-click right now. This was so wonderful to read and enjoy. J S Scott has a with these Alpha males that you just want to have your own Alpha !! She a great writer, knows how to draw you in and let you just seat back and just enjoy it. This was a very heart warming story that you may need tissues, if you are like me an cry when you read a touching book. I will say, if you have been reading this series then, this is a must read. Love this series!!!

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Albeit very predictable, still a cute, sweet, and heart story to wrap up these characters.

DNF: Sappy, not my kind of romance, and way too many heavy curse words for my taste

Loved it! This sweet and steamy holiday tale is delightful.

I love Simon and Kara


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