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Mine For Tonight ~ Simon (2012)

Mine for Tonight ~ Simon (2012)

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About book Mine For Tonight ~ Simon (2012)

I noticed Mine for Tonight was pretty popular, and the premise looked promising, so I picked up a copy. I'm a sucker for a good romance/erotica, especially when they're on sale or free. I greatly enjoy the developing romance, the tortured longing, and the happy (or implied happy) ending.This book ended abruptly without resolution, leaving me (forgive the pun but it's appropriate) unsatisfied. The story is there, but looking at the book's Amazon page I now see I have to buy four more books to get that closure, and I have to wait until February to get it.Now, this is my fault for not reading the book's description thoroughly beforehand, but I'm still disappointed. I was just getting invested in the characters only to have the door into the world slammed in my face. I don't typically share my negative reviews, and I'm certainly not saying you shouldn't give this author and these "books" a chance, but I wish I'd read a similar review before purchasing. I don't like that I'm left with this unresolved conflict, or that I have to buy more incomplete books to get that resolution.If that doesn't bother you, then I'd definitely recommend this "series", just wait till they're all out in February so you can get a whole book, albeit in increments. Kara is a 28 year old nursing student struggling through college. She is unaware that her boss's son Simon has developed an obsession with her and has watched her walk home from work for the past year. When Kara is faced with difficult circumstances Simon is the one determined to help her. This is the first of 4 books following the story of Kara and Simon.This is a short easy read, nothing particularly exciting happens in this book, maybe as the story progresses in the next 3 books more will happen. We learn a little about Kara but Simon is an enigma and we have yet to really find out anything about him. The ending eludes to the fact there may be more to find out about Simon, maybe he is hiding something, maybe this is something we find out later in the series. Overall a light easy read and I give it 3 stars!

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I love this book, Could not put it down and read all through the night till I finished the series.

read this as part of the full story. hate part books but it'sall in one now which is perfect

This whole series is sweet and romantic good easy read! Enjoy!

Loved it!!!

likd it

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