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Mine Until Dawn (2011)

Mine Until Dawn (2011)
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Mine Until Dawn (2011)
Mine Until Dawn (2011)

About book: After reading the first book in The Fitzgerald Family series, I fell in love. I love the dynamics of this family, how they are there for each other no matter what. I couldn’t wait to read the next book in the series and I’m glad I did. I loved Jade and Vince. I hope to read more about these two in future books of the series as well. Jade has been sheltered all her life because of a health condition. Vince doesn’t want commitment, only to find what is missing. He wouldn’t mind a little action with Jade though. I loved the way these two fell in love and fought it and each other. The chemistry between Jade and Vince was combustible. The way Vince made Jade feel was amazing. The fact that he took extra time to make sure she knew how he felt and how much he enjoyed it. Since her self-esteem was in the crapper from her ex-husband, this meant a lot. Ms. Walters brought these characters together and once again drew me into the family and made me love the all (with the exception of one bitchy cousin). I can’t wait to read more about this family and have already started book 3. Keep watching for that review next. Art historian Jade Fitzgerald has had enough of overbearing men, her ex did quite a number on her self esteem and her arrhythmia has always been a glaring reminder of how weak others see her. Enter Vince Knight back into her life, in high school he was the bad boy who seemed to be making it a personal goal to sleep with every member of the cheer-leading squad, fortunately she was a book worm. Vince believes Jade's mother has stolen something precious to his family, a statue, and he wants it back. Jade doesn't stand down to Vince when he makes his accusation, instead she decides to get involved to clear her mothers name.This was witty, suspenseful, and a bit like romancing the stone in some ways. The story had intrigue and I thought Jade and Vince worked well with one another, Vince is caught off guard repeatedly by Jade who is out to prove she has guts often ending in humorous situations. The Fitzgerald family are is an interesting dynamic can't wait for more.
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Another great read written by E B Walters. I must hurry up and read the res of this series.
Brilliant second book in the series. Loved the plot, and the overall book.
Kindle free download 6/15/12.
2nd in the series
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