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Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency On 1/4 Acre (2010)

Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre (2010)

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1602399840 (ISBN13: 9781602399846)
Skyhorse Publishing

About book Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency On 1/4 Acre (2010)

This book is probably more for the person who wants to grow and sell vegetables, and for those who have very little space (i.e. less than 1/4 acre like the title says!). The practices are interesting -- intensive gardening and square foot gardening -- but I plan to do a traditional tilled garden since we have a big lot. Anyway, good info for when to plant and lots of good info about fertilizers, which I'm sure to use.Still trying to find a book with a map of a garden to help plan my own. Markham does an excellent job of giving general information concerning self-sufficiency with regard to food production. The information is not regionally specialized which makes the book useful for anyone considering a major lifestyle change that includes true self sufficiency. The gist is to use raised beds, start slow and use intensive agriculture methods that make the most efficient use of space. An extra plus is that Markham includes a few short chapters on raising (and slaughtering) chickens as well as preserving the fruits of one's labor. Easy and quick reading that get directly to the point, not wasting time on specialized information that typically can be, or is only, learned by experience.

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Not in depth on any particular topic, but a good overview of numerous new subjects (for me).

Great information but author is in NH so some isn't relevant for San Diego gardens

Great! Very thorough and informative. Hope to test some of the info out soon.

FANTASTIC!! Highly recommend. Great info, extremely clear and well laid out.

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