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Mio Duca (2013)

Mio duca (2013)

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN!!!!! Alex and Genevieve are such a cute couple!!!!There was two things I didn't like it: Harry and Genevieve and the issues with the age gap between the main characters. Harry was plain stupid (I'm sorry to break it but he really was) and the age difference between Alex and Genevieve was completely OK. Come on, she was past twenty and he was almost forty but not quite it not a big deal and it really bothered me to no end when Genevieve complaining Alex was old as her own papa. For real? If that was really true Genevieve's father had Genevieve and her older brothers when he was nothing but a TWEEN. That would be completely creepy and I was annoyed every single time the age gap between Alex and Genevieve was mentioned.Nevertheless, I loved the book all the same and I'll DEFINITELY read more of Julie Anne Long books! This book was simply delightful. It had one of the most unexpectedly amusing beginning I've ever had the pleasure of reading, and for a historical romance, it had more funny moments that I would have thought - which I loved, of course.I was so afraid this would turn out to be one of those clichés where the hero sets out on revenge on the heroine's family, they fall in love, hero wants to admit everything to the heroine but dawdles until it's too late and the heroine find out on her own, then she feels betrayed and there's a period of angst followed by the requisite HEA. But thankfully, that wasn't the case!Although this story was more of a slow burn, and I took longer than usual to finish this book, it definitely built up the tension more, and the ending - which was already great - became more satisfying.

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I really, really, really liked the plot. The writing however seriously bored me.

Aha, I read this series all out of order. :P

This book was so, SO excellent!!!

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