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Mistress Of The Game (2010)

Mistress of the Game (2010)

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006172839X (ISBN13: 9780061728396)
HarperCollins Canada / Fiction

About book Mistress Of The Game (2010)

This wasn't bad. I feel for Ms. Bagshawe, Sheldon left some huge shoes to step into and while his works seemed effortlessly thrilling, I could feel the sweat beading on the author 'a brow throughout this book as she tried to keep pace with a legend. Master of the Game was my first Sheldon novel and I have read it more times than I can count. This sequel was wholly unnecessary and added nothing to the original, but it was ok for a day's entertainment. This book was absolutely terrible!! Was nothing like Sidney at his prime. Even worst than Sidney post prime. It just jumped from character to character and year to year without fully developing the characters or plot ideas. Sidney created worlds whereas Tilly just seems to throw half baked plots at us. I thought the revenge against the Pig storyline was going to be something good, instead revenge was meted out within one paragraph. I was left thinking, was that it? I didn't even feel like he got his comeuppance.I knew this sequel could never live up to the original, but the depths to which it failed really disappointed me.I am shocked that so many people rated it highly.

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the book is confused and chaotic with unnecessary character introductions and descriptions...

A good attempt by Bagshawe really enjoyed reading the book!

love ittttttttttTeam KATEEEEE


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