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Mistwood (2010)

Mistwood (2010)

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0061956996 (ISBN13: 9780061956997)
Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins

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Its been awhile since I read the book. But I bought it from Half Price books thinking this is interesting to see where it would play out. I remember clearly being confused on whats going on throughout the whole book. I don't know if I even finished it before selling it back. I was so confused and turned around. The book didn't explain anything until the end and I was still confused. I don't recommend it The only reason I am giving this book three stars instead of two is because I enjoyed reading some of the 2nd half of the book. This book could have been better, but it wasn't the worst I've read. The writing is great and the story was okay, confusing most of the time though. I just felt no connection with the main character Isabel and that made the book slow for me. Also the fact that I was confused for most half of the book had me reading at a slower pace then I usually do.

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Appropriate for: age 14+You will like this book if you like: Magic, intrigue

i liked this book, interesting story

2 Stars.

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