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Monstruoamigas Para Siempre (2013)

Monstruoamigas para siempre (2013)

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About book Monstruoamigas Para Siempre (2013)

My daughter asked me to read this because she loves anything "Monster High". Is actually a pretty good book for younger readers. I really appreciated that the author included things that adults would find pretty funny. I also loved that she is pushing young readers to expand their vocabulary by including some more advanced words throughout the story. It was a good read even for a grown up. Finished Reading:1st Time: Nov 22, 2014 I never read any of the monster high series especially since just reading this book it is interesting for young readers, yes I am adult that reads young teen books since who knows what my daughter will read when she hits teenage age.Anyways this book is good had great points for the monster girls, in my case though I prefer to read something more like Percy Jackson Series has more thrill, I read this because they are popular on Amazon. Now the three friends have great typical stress,standards going into school like most especially with schedules and teachers.I must say if you are going to read this be sure to read every detail never know you're own child can surprise you of what they are into like boys,books,friends and enemies.

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at first it wasn't too interesting but then it turned into something I would like to read

Cute.i ordered that book In the book order but it was so POPULAR I could not get it.

It was a thriller and the comedy on It was so funny

GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!!


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