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Moonstone (2000)

Moonstone (2000)

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0980245346 (ISBN13: 9780980245349)
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About book Moonstone (2000)

Allie lives with her mom, Faye, in a tiny trailer on her Uncle Sid's property. Allie's mom is sick , so Allie takes care of her. One day climbing the ladder on the side of the trailer to turn the TV antennae, Allie slips and falls right into the bull pen. The electrical fence jolts her and unbeknownst to Allie, sets off her psychic powers. Shocked and hurt, seeing the bull begin to charge toward her, she chants for it to go away. It does, moving backwards.Still shocked about the afternoons events, Allie is even more stunned when she is visited by a hippie spirit later that evening. Telling Allie about how she must pass three tests before her powers are unleashed sends Allie to one of her closest friends, an old witch named Kizzy.Kizzy talks to Allie about a prophecy and gives her a moonstone pendant that has been passed through several centuries. Kizzy takes Allie's hand and shows her the star mark underneath her little finger. She is very confident that Allie , not her own daughter Carmel, is whom the pendant was to be passed to.Allie is soon learning and practicing her new powers when Kizzy is attacked and left for dead. With the help of her new friend, Junior, she begins to unravel the mystery of who would want to hurt her elderly friend.Full of magic, twists, and pure fun, Moonstone is the first in a new young adult paranormal series. The characters come to life in this shining debut. I look forward to reading more about Allie and the Star Seekers. What a wonderful book! The Moonstone Series by Marilee BrothersThe Moonstone series is about a 15 year old girl named Allie Emerson who begins to experience psychic abilities after an accident. She confides in a friend and learns that she has been destined to receive a special necklace called the moonstone. This necklace enhances her new-found powers and eventually puts her in danger. There are others who are looking for the necklace called Trimarks. The Trimarks are a deadly gang that wants to use the magic of the moonstone for evil. This one is a great read for teens who like fantasy and adventure with a splash of romance thrown in. I will be ordering it for my library. I’ll give this one a 4.

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Good book!!! Paranormal, Young Adult with a pinch of romance worked in.

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Great YA fantasy


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