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Moosed Up (2012)

Moosed Up (2012)

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Any book where a veterinarian lets a dog eat the remains of a box of chocolate is not ok. Chocolate can kill dogs or at the very least make them ill. If you are a veterinarian, you should know this. That makes the hero an idiot. Any citified heroine that goes for a run by herself in the Alaskan woods without knowing anything about the dangers of local wildlife is an idiot. Ain't no one got time to read about idiots. My first time reading anything from this author. I found the story to be very entertaining. It's different, funny and has some great characters. I ADORE BW for reasons anyone that reads this will understand.My only complaint is I feel as if the ending was very rushed. Compared to the way the story flowed it was...not enough. I was left wanting more and found myself curious as to if/how the relationship worked out.

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This is a fun and sexy short story. If you want a fast, amusing read this is a winner.

One of my favorites by Tiffinie Helmer. Funny and oh so romantic.

That was an awesome quick and funny read!

A fun read.

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