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More Fool Me (2014)

More Fool Me (2014)
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0718179781 (ISBN13: 9780718179786)
Michael Joseph
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More Fool Me (2014)
More Fool Me (2014)

About book: I adore Stephen Fry and therefore feel unable to rate this book any less than 5. Anyone who is not already a fan could possibly get a bit bored in the last third of the book as it turns to his diary from the period, but I have really enjoyed it and not felt the urge to read it all in one sitting but savour it over a week or so. If you haven't read the others he does give a short recap in the first couple of chapters. Am looking forward to the next update. Not as good by half as his previous autobiographies, but still quite fun if you love Stephen. The trouble is he's already through most of his trials and tribulations and enjoying his 'happy ever after'. The book is full of little anecdotes about fellow 'luvvies', so if you like showbiz gossip, you'll love it. Personally, I didn't know who he was on about half the time. Stephen being Stephen the 'happy ever after' is full of self-doubt and cocaine, but for whatever reason neither seems to harm his career very much... probably because due the ridiculous amount of talent he doesn't seem to think he has.One other thing, what I liked best about this book were the diary entries covering the period when he was writing the Hippopotamus, which is a great novel. Very interesting to see how it took shape! However, spoilerific, so make sure you read the Hippo first.
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A bit shoddy imho, as compared to the 2 previous instalments ("Moab.." and "Chronicles")
Always enjoy books or shows by Stephen Fry. Authentic, but yet entertaining.
Interesting as always and brilliantly narrated by the man himself.
Don't read! Listen to the audiobook. What a voice.
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